Where it Started

If you want to change the world, start with yourself’ – Mahatma Gandhi

The Conscious Collective started out of a desire to do better for our tamariki. We believe that nurturing communities who deeply care about each other as whãnau, tending to their own wairua and deeply connected to papatūānuku, will inspire a more loving, peaceful world.

Our collective is a network of incredible people from around Aotearoa and the world. These include global thoughts leaders, local gardeners, passionate teachers, community advocates  and diverse families. Together we are figuring out what it takes to create the environments, spaces and pedagogy to empower our tamariki to lead us into a great future. 

We understand that we teach who we are, not necessarily what we know. Therefore we prioritise the wellbeing of our staff. Together we are a heart-led team creating environments of love and compassion. Whatever your reason for visiting us, we are pleased to meet you. 

inspiring a more loving, peaceful world

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For 10 years Rick has been immersing his heart and soul into creating beautiful, caring and innovative Early Childhood Education in Aotearoa. 

After founding a successful nationwide not-for-profit organisation, working with both centre and home-based ECE, Rick has gone on to set up several acclaimed early childhood centres. 

He brings his vast experience in education, passion for challenging the status quo, and a deep yearning to do better for our children, to this exciting venture.

Nick has held many consulting and director roles, enjoying bringing out the magic in people.
His work in the finance sector has taken him around the world and he reflects with gratitude to have journeyed alongside so many inspiring entrepreneurs. Many of whom he counts among his close friends and mentors.
Nick reduced his hours when his son Harry was born. Harry ignited a passion within Nick for supporting the next generation. And this has led to Nick becoming dedicated to supporting our tamariki.
In the coming period he is increasing his focus into organisational behaviour and culture, helping to support resilient, candid and creative communities who can support our tamariki.